This Video represents the spirit behind the music. "Worship and Praise at the Pier" by Christian musician Lguapogreengo is the essence of what Christian music should be.

It is powerful, reaching and never failing. Sing these songs! Be these songs. And you will watch the true power of worship music, God bless you.

The best kind of Christian music is that which brings you closer to the Father. It is music that cleanses, music that repents, music that worships the Master for all that He is and all that He does; in us and through us. It should be heart felt, gut-wrenching and powerful! If this is what you're looking for, visit our free Christian music videos on YouTube.

Lguapogreengo has played many open mics, clubs and literally thousand’s of parties for over twenty years. Has spent his whole life playing music for people in the streets and the beaches. He has been called “the modern day mariachi”. In addition to this, he has played traditional classical and flamenco pieces in churches, at weddings, some funerals and many restaurants. However, over the last decade Lguapogreengo has infused what he has learned to create his own genre of music. It is a cross of literally all genres put together.

I call myself a Christian and a disciple of Jesus Christ, and truly try to live like one. But during prayer and meditation, it became painfully obvious that I judge people and I am excessively prideful. So this song is a prayer and a psalm asking God to change my heart, to take away my judgments and my pride and most importantly: that I be His lovein the Earth; one word and one day at a time!