About Lguapogreengo

About the Musician Lguapogreengo

Lguapogreengo derives it’s name from history and life experiences. In the Mexican/ American War 1846, United States army wore green uniforms. “Green go home” was often said to U.S. soldiers. So, “green go” turned into Gringo. And having spend many years of his life living throughout Mexico, it was a name that he heard daily and it was a name that stuck.

lguapogreengo christian musicianLguapo (handsome) gets was actually given to him by “las reinas” de Colima (it’s like the Mrs. California of the state of Colima, Mexico). After listening to Lguapogreengo serenade on the beaches of Colima, one of the contestants asked him to take her to the coronation in the stadium when she won. While sitting at the table with “las reinas” he started to hear the phrase, “es el gringo guapo de pasquales” and after realizing it was such a great moment of grandeur, he decided he was . . . “lguapo”. He thought of changing it to el Gringo Loco (because guapo seemed cocky), but the name had already been set on the marquee and in people’s hearts. So that is the story behind “Lguapogreengo”.

  • Singer/Song Writer
  • Over 20+ Years Guitar Experience
  • Over 10+ Years Recording Experience
  • Film Producer
  • Photographer
  • Mixed Martial Artist
  • Masters in Cross-Cultural Education

As far as who Lguapogreengo is; he says that he has “Italian/German blood, an Asian mind, White skin, a Latino heart, Black Rhythm, Thai shins and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He hopes to add Indian and African percussion and dance into the mix before it’s all over. In short, he is a poly-cultural mutt and proud of it.

Lguapogreengo-guitarHis music reflects this embracement of polyculturalism as he tries to play music from all genres and continues to learn new languages to sing in. He started playing guitar when he was 19 at Mesa College from George “Jiri” Svaboda’s beginning classical guitar class. He went on to study classical and intermediate level flamenco privately with George for quite some time. From there he went to S.D.S.U. to study with Fred Benedetti in the ensemble/music theory classes. After graduating he continued to study with William Wilson and a long list of other instructors. The latest was “Rockin Randall” who turned him on to a love for the blues and the harmonica and hopefully will continue to instruct him in the slide guitar.

Lguapogreengo was born in Boston, raised in S.D. and spent almost all the summers of his life traveling/surfing through mainland Mexico and lived in Tijuana, Baja California for nearly five years. Although he was born in Boston, he spent the first couple years of his life on a farm in New Hampshire, where he learned a love for animals, nature and the simple things of life. Around 6 yrs old his parents (loving mother and father) moved him to a peninsula called “Nahant” outside Boston. There he learned a love for the ocean that never left his heart. Then, at the tender, ripe age of 13, he moved to San Diego, Ca where he was immediately absorbed and corrupted by the surf and skate culture.

Lguapogreengo-photo-galleryThat was until he met the Martial Arts, especially “Muay Thai” kickboxing (1992). He was one of the first and privileged to train under Master v. Phon at the first Muay Thai gym in S.D. After many years, he met Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He continues to train today. The fight has never left him and it is evident in the music and the mission statement. Lguapogreengo is dedicated and committed to fighting for what is right and protecting what is sacred.

He grew up listening to Black Sabbath, Slayer, Metallica, Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Toots and the Maytals. That was until he turned into a “Mexican” as his friends call him. There he listened to/played anything he could get his hands on to that was in Spanish. Now he has added Brazilian samba/rock and old black gospel music into the mix. However, a collection of classical greats is playing in his cd player today.

Lguapogreengo has played many open mics/ clubs and literally thousand’s of parties. Has spent his whole life playing music for people in the streets and the beaches. He has been called “the modern day mariachi” and “el perro callejero”. He has played in churches, at weddings and some funerals. He continues to write and play worship music along with a long list of other styles for anyone who will listen. He infuses the classical technique and flamenco patterns to create a wide variety of roots powerful music.

He has a unique but very particular world-view that is more than evident in the music. He is dedicated to his studies and the development of critical thinking skills.

In conclusion, it’s roots powerful music like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Peace multiplied to all who are reading this.