An Experience with Roots Powerful Christian Music

Experience Roots Powerful Christian Music with Musician Lguapogreengo

About a month ago my Pastor (Ralph Buchanan) told me it was time for me to start going to The Church of His Kingdom in Imperial Beach, San Diego. I had followed Ralph up to Temecula, religiously for the last two years. Almost everybody I know said it was way too long of a drive and that I was crazy for doing it. But for me, finding true Biblical teaching and serving with people who want to put their hands to the plow and bring the kingdom, was not a sacrifice but a pleasure. So I got in my car and played some roots powerful Christian music and headed to San Diego.

lguapogreengo-guitarIn addition to the teaching I received, I had the privilege of leading the worship and often played and sang during the offering time as well.

This change came as a bit of a surprise, but Ralph being the man of God that he is, told me that the long distances were too hard on my little one and my wife, who is expecting our next child. He also said that my talents could not be utilized in San Diego until I grew some roots.

So I listened to Ralph and went to a Sunday service at C.O.H.K in Imperial Beach, San Diego. I walked in thinking about my brothers and sisters at my other church and honestly, was missing walking into service with my guitar, getting on stage, doing soundcheck, and trying my best to play roots powerful Christian music.

Honestly I was kind of lost. New church, many new people, no place in the music. I even said to myself, “This dude isn’t my pastor. I don’t know this guy from Adam.” I heard other mental attacks from the enemy about my decision, but tried to dismiss them and did my best to walk in the spirit and bring joy to all that I met. I had been to some services there before but my allegiance and heart were definitely still at Temeku Life Center.

As the service started there were no special lights, bells or whistles, etc. Just a bunch of average looking folks. There was a quiet, meek mannered woman behind the piano, a reserved gentleman with a normal looking guitar and some other musicians ranging anywhere from 17 to 65. The musicians were not on a stage, just simply gathered together in the corner.

All the lights were on, people were asked to come up to the front to join together for worship. It was intimate; almost too intimate. So I went over and sat by myself, next to the musicians, so I could have my space and also to be close to the music and the instruments.

musical-lyricsWell, the music started and I said to myself “Thank you Father. Let’s worship You.” I was ready to sing with the vitality and vigor that I do when I’m on stage performing. Well, that’s when the piano started ripping at the strings of my heart. (Little did I know that Linda had studied piano since she was seven and was truly a master). The vibrations of the piano reached the deepest and most inner parts of my soul. And not to mention, the guitar made sounds that I only wish I could create. How was I supposed to know that the humble gentleman behind the guitar was a studio musician with decades of experience, with chops like BB king; if not better.

The people started to sing, many with their eyes closed and their hands in the air; children and adults alike. They sang with such intensity, passion and love for their God that as I tried to join in, my throat closed up with a huge frog in it. My eyes welled up and I had to check myself. I stopped, took a deep breath and said to myself “Dude if you don’t check yourself, you’re going to be a grown ass man balling like a baby in front of all these people.”

So I took some deep breaths, swallowed, and kept reading the words, gearing up for another go at it. I opened my mouth and nothing, nothing but a crackly voice with tears behind it, that simply could not continue.

Then, out of nowhere was one of the realest meetings with God I have ever had. A true revelation from the Lord. I heard in my spirit a voice that said “this is what it means to need a voice. I need a voice here in the earth… and you my people are my voice.” It made so much sense. The music continued, seeming to get more and more powerful with each breath I took. I tried so hard to sing, but the more I tried, the more my throat closed and eyes filled up. I wanted to sing and worship. I agreed with the words. “Thank You, Lord. Thank You Lord. I just want to say, thank You Lord.”

The next step in this revelation was about having people of like minded faith speak/sing for me. I locked in to one or two voices that were singing with the same fervor that I wanted. They had become my voice, they were worshipping for me. Again this epiphany of how we are to be God’s mouthpieces on earth only became clearer and more pronounced as time went on.

As the songs got deeper and the band continued to produce angelic sounds, I was utterly unable to open my mouth. I sat in my seat with my face in my hands listening to the most amazing music and the most heartfelt worship. My glasses filled with my tears. Eventually, I emptied the puddles that had acquired in the lenses on the floor. I tried to wipe my eyes as if something were in them so no-one would notice. But as I looked up all the people were strictly focused upon worshipping the Lord. There was a sense of oneness that was palpable. I could truly sense the presence of the Holy Spirit.

christian-musicThe only thing I could do at this point was go to the very back of the church and get on my knees behind some chairs and pray. Prayers of thanksgiving for my family, my life, for Christ, for Ralph and all he has done for me. Prayers of repentance; for my pride, anger, arrogance, judgements; you name it. I continued with prayers of supplication for healings and deliverance for those in need. Each tear that rolled down my face was a different prayer. And as the music came to an end, I got up off my knees and returned to my seat as if nothing happened. Nobody noticed… All good.

Then Erin the pastor delivered a short message about the Bible can either be just a book with dead letters on a page. Or it can truly be a living word that transforms your life. “Read it to apply it”. And to end it all, the very man that I so arrogantly said was not my Pastor, asked about my wife, who was at the time actually quite ill. He made sure the elders of the church prayed with me, blessed me and sent me on my way with a blessing for my wife.

And this my friends, is what Roots Powerful Christian music is all about: A meeting meeting with God through worship, oneness and humility. I pray that when people put in my cd or when they listen to me perform it can have a similar effect on them that the worship music at Church of His Kingdom did on me. I want nothing more than to bring people, peace, truth and power through music.

And p.s. I am currently studying piano with Linda the piano player- the most humble powerhouse you will ever meet. Until next time my friends. Bless you all and thanks for reading.

For more on roots powerful Christian music in San Diego, Contact Lguapogreengo at for Booking and scheduling information.

May grace, peace and love be greatly multiplied to you all!


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