Choose Not to Fear with Christian Musician Lguapogreengo

Choose Not to Fear

Written and recorded by Lguapogreengo

Date 2017-2018

San Diego, California

I started recording this song almost 2 years ago. As soon as I penned the lyrics "I may walk in the shadow of death but I will not fear", I heard the Holy Spirit as clear as a bell tell me "Watch out for what you are saying!” (I actually changed the lyrics from “will not fear” to “can not fear” due to this.) We have faith, but when it hits our loved ones it can rock your faith trust in God.

choose not to fear LguapogreengoI felt as if my faith was being questioned. I have almost died so many times in my life that I personally do not fear death. However, shortly after starting the song, my three-year-old daughter had to have open heart surgery.

They had to crack open her chest and stop her heart to work on it. It's really questioned my faith, and what I knew about the character of God. Did I trust her life in His? Would my prayers be answered? What if she died? Would I still love and praise Him just the same?

After the whole ordeal was done, and she was healed (thanks be to God!) I finished the song. And looking back, I see His hand in the whole thing. But that’s another message. Thanks for listening. Please share it if you like it.


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