Christian Music in San Diego by Lguapogreengo

What does Christian Music in San Diego Mean

What is Christian music San Diego to Lguapogreengo? Well, for me, Lguapogreengo, Christian music is basically non-existent. I know of K-wave and other radio stations that play it all day long. However, it does not call me or keep me tuned in, no matter how hard I try. And I do mean try. I will put on a Christian radio station and try to stay tuned and get my groove on, but I just can’t! I respect all the musicians that are playing the music and those that are singing, but for some reason, I always and again, I mean always, turn it off and put on a Black Keys or Rage Against the Machine channel on Pandora. If you would like to hear more about Christian Music San Diego, contact Lguapogreengo or visit our YouTube channel!

san-diego-lguapogreengoThere are occasional times when I go on you tube to listen to Christian music to get my praise on. I’ll put on Michael W. Smith and listen to “My God is Awesome” or I will go to Eric Bibb’s channel and listen to “I want Jesus to walk with Me” which is an old negro spiritual.

Now this music: Old black Gospel/Negro spirituals; speaks to me. I find myself singing at the top of my lungs along with the “Blind Boys of Alabama” and can often find myself crying when I hear old slave music that is crying out to the Lord. I can feel the passion, the pain and the true longing for Christ, the need of a Savior in the music.

I am not saying that modern day Christian music does not have this passion or power. But I haven’t found it yet. Here in San Diego or any where else for that matter. I very rarely, if at all listen to this genre of music. I listen to “secular music” and sing it with different lyrics. I think of ways that I can create similar music with the same power, blues, funk and soul in a way that can glorify God and get people to think about what they believe and why.

To get people to sing music about the power of God, His healing nature, the strengths and righteousness of family. Music of praise and worship that people can relate to. To reach people that would never set foot in a church. Either because they have never been brought to one or because they have been turned off by it for some reason or another.

musical-lyricsI do not know of anybody that plays the kind of music that I do. I can start off in Portuguese, go through a Spanish song, into a blues jam and finish with some punk. My music is eclectic/cross-cultural because that is what I am. I have the fight, passion and a true desire to serve the Lord with the gifts that He has given me. And I will do it until there is no more breath left in me!

So in short, Christian music in San Diego as Lguapogreengo sees it, is just starting. It is/will be a message that breaks all genres of music and reaches all genres of people. It is the power behind Rage, mixed with the blues of the Black keys, with the soul of Black Gospel with a Latino heart at the center of it all.

My one and only purpose for Lguapogreengo Christian music is to bring people to the love of God and the message of Christ; One of hope, power and redemption.

Thank you all for your time in reading this. Now go listen to the music, then go be a blessing to somebody. Forgive people and walk in love. If you are interested in booking Lguapogreengo or listening to his Christian Music, contact Lguapogreengo today at and thanks for listening.

May peace, love and grace be multiplied to you greatly.



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