Christian Music San Diego: Getting Roots with Lguapogreengo

Christian Music San Diego, Getting Roots with Musician Lguapogreengo

What does it mean to be Lguapogreengo, a Christian musician in San Diego? That’s an interesting question that only I can answer. For I am Lguapogreengo. I am the voice and the mind behind the music. I would like to believe that my music is fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit. Some may say that is ridiculous and others may think it pious. But I believe it to be the truth. You can contact Lguapogreengo directly or if you would like, visit my videos and listen and enjoy some roots powerful music in San Diego.

I have watched many miracles happen when writing and recording the music and I have also been completely frustrated and utterly shut down when I think I am in charge and try to do it on my own. Furthermore, I have watched the most amazing team of people come together to help get me to where I am at. They are not all Christians, but I love them and I would like to think that they love me. There is no way that I could ever have put this together on my own. It must be the Holy Spirit.

I write my Christian music with one and only purpose: To create timeless, life-changing, memory making music that touches people to the very core of their being. I don’t want anything out of the music except to worship the Almighty Father and to bring peace to the listeners.

Lguapogreengo-Christian-Music-San-Diego To be honest I have very big expectations for my music and the ministry. My vision is to fill stadiums full of people, of all races, religions and lifestyles. I dream of getting people to drop their issues about one another. To come together and worship with roots powerful music. I can see the Shaking cloud coming down upon the people and I can envision people coming together in a sense of oneness that has not been seen for decades, if not centuries. I can envision healings, people getting loosed from addictions and sin that have kept them enslaved, People being liberated from lifestyles and patterns that have destroyed their peace and have blocked them from seeing and experiencing the wonders of God. I want to lead them to Jesus. But realizing that it will not be me, that it will be the Father working through me. Only if my heart is right. If I sanctify myself. If I live a life worthy of the calling. If I love my wife properly. If I respect and love those with a different point of view than mine. If I speak as if I were speaking the utterances of God: speaking the truth in love. Basically, if I follow the example Jesus has laid out for me.

I believe that my music is far different than a lot of Christian music out there, for I did not grow up in the Christian county club environment. I grew up on the street and beaches of San Diego, California. America’s finest city (not to mention las calles de Tijuana, Mexico). And with that, came a lifestyle that only those who live here can understand. I could tell you of my street credentials and my knowledge of the dark side. But that is another time and another essay. I guess for now you will just have to listen to the tracks like “Me won’t let me let me go” or being “Pimped by the Devil” to feel where I am coming from. This music is nothing like the traditional Christian music, but it is real and it is here to stay!

In conclusion, I believe I am a Christian musician from San Diego unlike any we have heard or seen before. I would like to say that I am speaking prophetically when I say: I will be a force in this world. I will change my communities. I will break the spiritual strongholds that have held so many people in bondage. I will be a true soldier of Christ. And I ask you humbly to support me and if I ever lose my focus and misrepresent Jesus Christ and His message on the cross; please correct me.

May grace, peace and love be greatly multiplied to all who are reading this. Thank you for your time. Now go listen to the tracks, worship the Father and love those around you.

Peace. Lguapogreengo.

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