Got to Be You Lord; by Christian Musician Lguapogreengo

Got To Be You Lord

Got to Be You Lord; was Written and recorded by Lguapogreengo on April 2018 in San Diego, California

This song started out as a cry out to Jesus for some personal deliverance. Deliverance from the conditions of my mind, past habits and condemnation. And as I started to pray, my mind was flooded with people who have come into my path who need deliverance. People who continue to strive and struggle to fix themselves and their problems on their own. The song is titled; "Got To Be You Lord" because it HAS TO HIM!

Got to Be You LordIf we could do better on our own we would. We must submit to Him and commit our sins and our faults; knowing and trusting that He and His grace is able to change us. "He who is in Christ Jesus is a new creature, behold old things have passed away, behold new things have come.” Got to be You Lord is about turning it over to God. We submit. We commit. And we walk in the victory of Christ.

Thanks for listening, Lguapogreengo

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