Gummin on a BippY – Episode 4: Origin

Can you call it "Christian"? Is it just simply a music video on YouTube? Modern day apologetics? Or just straight Ridiculousness?

Well, I just call it another Hip Bip Clip.

This Hip Bip Clip starts with a balloon that is losing air. It is metaphorical to taking the air out of the current Darwinian evolutionary worldview/mindset. From there it goes into another Bip Clip from Lguapogreengo's sick new track: Forced to Roam; about truth and the consequences when you ignore it. To drive home the point Lguapo displays the laughable and borderline pathetic attempts of the San Diego Museum of Natural Man's attempt at displaying transitionary forms of....

The concluding song is straight nasty! It's called: Don't You Dare To.

So, Whether you watch us on YouTube, Vimeo or you can call it Christian music if you want. Some have me as a Christian musician. I just call it Roots Powerful Music that brings peace, truth and power!

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