Listening to Powerful Christian Music in San Diego

Powerful Christian Music in San Diego with Lguapogreengo

Over the last couple of weeks I have been listening to Christian radio stations in San Diego more often than usual. I have been doing this on purpose with a specific goal. I have been listening to the sound quality, the musical arrangements/ phrasing and of coarse the worship. I have noticed that Radio stations in San Diego are as good if not better than any other stations. The music is well written, extremely well produced and the professionalism and kindness of the radio jockeys is unparalleled. Contact Lguapogreengo in San Diego for Roots Powerful Christian Music.

christian-music-in-san-diegoThis being said, I still feel I have to force myself to listen. When it comes to Christian music in San Diego, it is my CD in my van. I mean absolutely no disrespect to all of the other musicians that are creating worship music played on the radio.

However, it does not hook me in. I believe that Christian music should be different than secular music. I do not believe that the mass production is necessary. Jesus conquered the world from the side of the hill! The music that I have listened to is very nice. However I feel that it is missing the grime, the grit and gut wrenching style that I am looking for. I believe that Christian music should be far more powerful than anything we here in the secular realm!

christian-musicIt should bring tears, chills and shouts. Tears of joy for the worship. Tears of sorrow to those that are crying out to God for help! And shouts to the almighty Father exalting His majesty. There should be no other music more powerful, more truthful, and more authentic than Christian music. It should be coming from the soul. More live takes; less production and more feeling. In my vernacular: More I very often get tired of my own music because I am constantly critiquing it. However, Whenever I want to feel roots powerful Christian music in San Diego, I turn to Lguapogreengo. Especially my latest album Ammunition for the Spirit. It gives me chills or makes me cry every time I listen. I am not the only one. Within the last month a nine-year-old girl told me my song “Love” made her cry. And at the beach when I played “Standing Without a Door" a 24-year-old young man wept right next to me as I played my heart out. (and yes of course we prayed together right after) Again, I have the deepest respect for the Christian music that is coming out of K love and the other Christian radio stations. However, I believe that Christian music in San Diego should be the most powerful thing hitting the airwaves across the globe.

And that is the purpose of Lguapogreengo. Please take a listen if you have time. May Grace, love and peace be multiplied to all who have read this!

For more Roots Powerful Christian Music in San Diego, contact Lguapogreengo at and listen to his music on Youtube and CD Baby!

(I leave my name out of all that I do on purpose because it is not about glorifying me; but glorifying our Heavenly Father through the Son)

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