The Free Christian Music Videos on Youtube

YouTube is awesome. And watching free music videos on YouTube makes it even more awesome. Especially when we are talking about “Christian" music videos. Why, you may ask? Well, most people around the world have access to YouTube and its videos. However, they may not have access to freedom. YouTube does not censor according to faith or a person’s particular worldview. It is one of the only places that people of all faiths, beliefs and religions can choose for themselves what they want to watch, listen to, and most importantly: Believe in, without criticism or punishment. For me, Lguapogreengo or "Lg3", the artist, YouTube is my most important and favorite platform. It is a place where people can listen to “Christian” music like they have never heard before, all over the world.

free christian music videos youtube

My music and videos are not only changing what the world thinks about and label as “Christian” music, but I am also changing what the world thinks about Jesus Christ and God himself. Please take a minute and log onto our channel and watch some of our free Christian music videos on YouTube and see for yourself. Thanks for watching.

- Lguapogreengo

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