Why Our Worship is Different; Christian Music with Lguapogreengo

christian music worship

When the topic of Christian music comes up you will hear many people say the the same thing: It’s all the same. Or if you talk to others they will simply say they can’t stand it (even though they’re Christian). My answer to them would be:

  • A: “I feel you” and
  • B: “You just haven’t heard the right Christian music.

That being said, I am in the industry and honestly, there are only few, very select few songs that I listen to. For example, Matt Redman’s 10,000 Reasons and “Our God is an Awesome God” by Michael Smith. The same is true for the Spanish worship (alabanza). There are a few music videos that are powerful, but for me, and many, many others the music lacks the power, reality and diversity that people crave. Many people just can’t relate. For many it doesn’t always end in Rainbows and Butterflies.

Lguapogreengo’s music is different. You can tell by the name itself. He isn’t trying to fit in a box or a uniform that Christian music or Christian music videos must wear to be played. Lguapogreengo’s music is in English, Spanish, Portuguese and hopefully some spiritual tongue as well. It ranges from rock to a flamenco blues to samba and hip hop is on it’s way. Lguapogreengo is not writing music for people but for God. There is praise from the depths of his heart and cries from the depths of his soul. The music can lift you up or it can rip your guts out. It comes from living on the streets of San Diego and trying to help those in need. In short it is worship in times of need and praise when those needs and prayers have been answered.

Thanks for reading. Now turn off your computer and pray for somebody in need or worship our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Peace and grace be multiplied to you and your family. Amen.

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