Am I Just Another Christian Musician who Sings About God and Jesus

Is Lg3 a Christian Musician or Just Another Musician who Sings About God and Jesus

Am I a Christian musician? Or am I just another musician who sings about God and Jesus? Or is there even a difference between the two? I believe there is. There is a huge difference between someone who simply sings songs about God and Jesus and someone who truly believes and lives the music they play. I truly believe in the music I play and enjoy sharing it with the world.

christian musician san diego lg3Who are the musicians when they get off the stage? That is the true question and the determining factor of what defines a Christian musician.

Let me start by referring to a familiar scripture Matthew 6:33. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things shall be added to you. This scripture is easy to quote. But do I as a “Christian musician” truly live it? And if so, how does it affect the music?

Well, first of all I can say that when I was asked to write this piece (which is part of being a musician) I immediately said to myself “uh oh! I have nothing more to say about the issue. What am I going to write about?” I had already written one article about this subject.

Well, after deliberate, focused and serious prayer, this is what I came up with. I hope that it blesses the reader and conveys the Father’s heart in some way. If not I have failed in my purpose and function as a writer and Christian musician; regardless of how the article ranks or the accolades it receives.

What Drives the Music

contact-lguapogreengoSeeking the Kingdom of God before all things definitely affects the music. It drives the music. It is the music. If the music does not reflect, nor bring the Kingdom, I have failed. And for lack of a better term I am a mislabeled hypocrite.

But before I go any further I think it is important to state what I think the kingdom of God is. I believe the Kingdom of God is His will on the earth. A kingdom built upon a true relationship with the Father. A kingdom that is based upon prayer and all of the attributes that Christ has modeled for us: Love, peace, sacrifice, humility, obedience, healing, truth, forgiveness, reconciliation, friendships and many, many more.

How does this affect the music and why do you even want to read about this? Well, I am hoping that after this article is finished you can feel my love for Christ and how I am truly concerned with the will of God on this earth. You will see and feel that I want to “feed his sheep”.

Truly my brothers and sisters I cry often, too often, for what I see around me. The broken families and relationships, suicides, war, the people being influenced by godless and moral-less media and music. Children being neglected and raised by i phones and i pads while grandparents are being forgotten. Soldiers who risked their lives that have been forgotten about. Drugs, meaningless sex and alcohol permeating every area of society. My wealthy friends who are too busy and comfortable to care about God or much less give to the needy. This list is way too long to continue and like pastor Ralph says: “If you focus on the problem, you will never see the solution.”

All that to say this: The kingdom comes first. That His will be done; not mine. I am not the focus. He is! For example, tonight and lately, I have not played or practiced much music at all. I have played and sang one new song on the guitar that I’m writing called: “Hey Pops” that is about asking “Pops” for some guidance and advice. And another on piano called “Llena me”. It means fill me. It is about asking for God’s spirit to fill me with His peace and purpose. This is where the music is at. I’m lost and the music is how I connect with the Father.

Just Want to Save the World

But honestly, my whole world has been turned upside-down and I just want to hear from Him. I have not played much at all. I have been in prayer. Reading the Bible and listening to messages. I don’t know what to do right now. Do I work on the photography? Do I create music videos? Do I continue to write the songs I have been working on? Do I go out and play some gigs? Or do I just spend time with my family as again my friend and Pastor Ralph told me that my family and raising my two daughters is my ministry. That before I go out and “save the world” I need to make sure that I raise my children.

christian musicianLong story short: I'm stuck. And this is what it means to be a Christian musician. I am waiting to hear from the Lord during my prayer time and this is where I feel I need to be right now: on my knees in prayer. I know I need to practice. And I know the songs I need to continue to write. The Lg3 CD’s need to get into the right hands. There is a long list of which I am well aware of. But before I go any further with any of the projects I want to hear from the Lord and make sure that I am not getting out in front of him.

I know this sounds really weird: “Hearing from the Lord.” But it is nothing more than hearing that small still voice of direction or getting a sense of peace about what I am doing. Or it may simply come in a word of confirmation from one of my brothers or sisters about what I am to do.

This is much different than a secular musician who can do what he or she wants whenever they want. Their desires are the focus and that’s it. Say what they want, play what they want, where they want. No barriers, no borders, complete freedom. (so they think- but that’s a whole other article)

In contrast, a Christian musician and for the purpose of this article; me. Does not have that liberty. I care about the will of God on this earth. Furthermore, I must realize my steps are ordered by the Lord. I am exactly where I am supposed to be; right here, right now. And I am to be content, giving thanks and praise in everything and through everything. It is His will that matters not mine. If the music never goes anywhere; Then, that’s ok. I will have complete peace. Knowing that I have walked with the Lord is blessing enough.

But, I’m not going to lie. If the music never takes off I will be disappointed. I have big dreams for myself and my family. But again, this leads me back to the original statement of who and what am I seeking? The kingdom of God or my own self serving interests. I know there is a part of me that wants the music to take off so I can be financially stable and to get out of debt. To be able to work full-time on the music and not be locked into the slavery of Monday through Friday work. Besides it would be awesome! Who wouldn’t want to play music around the world for millions and have enough money to not have to ask if they charge for refills.

However, this is the beauty of being a Christian musician; that I do not have to fret about the music or the projects. If this is truly His will, which I believe that it is. Than I know He is in control. That my job is to be obedient and diligent in my studies and prayer. To realize that I will bear my fruit in the dedicated season; if and when He decides.

My Heart is with the Love of God

In addition to this, I’m sure that he is doing much work inside me. Many of my frustrations and road blocks in the music, projects and personal life have turned out to be great blessings. I have been humbled time and time again and forced to go to my knees in prayer. I am learning to completely rely upon Him and His grace. Furthermore, maybe I’m not ready to handle the pressures and temptations that fame and fortune would bring. Maybe I need to learn more about Him and the Christ before I speak in front millions, especially in His name. He will not be misrepresented. I must reside and rest in the fact that His timing is perfect. I doubt that many secular musicians can say or feel the same.

Where my heart is, there will my treasure be also. If my heart is with the love of God, I am not going to be disappointed at any stage of the music, it’s distribution or it’s growth. I will be praising God and giving thanks through the good times and the bad. For I know these things are not happening to me but through me.

lg3 christian musicianLast but not least, I want to say that I do believe that I have been chosen by God to reach people through the music. It burns in my spirit every day! Learning and studying God’s word and apologetics (answering questions in defense of the faith) is what I am. It is what I do. What I live and what I breath. The tears I shed are those of compassion. I pray that my music will bring healing to people. That I will receive an anointing that will create music that will change the hearts and minds of millions, if not billions of people. That words of living water will flow into the ears of the listeners and they will be washed clean by the music. I cry out to God that my music will bring people to Christ and His message. That they get to know Him so they can get to know the Father and His love. I have seen enough of what happens to people, families and communities when there is no love of God in their hearts. And I’m sure you have too.

I sincerely hope the Lord blesses Lguapogreengo A.K.A. Lg3 with the funds and resources to reach out to the wounded warriors and broken families. To be able to help feed, cloth, rehabilitate and educate the homeless and those in need. To be able to create centers to teach martial arts, music, and dance to children. (get them off technology and discover what greatness God has placed inside of them)

I want to be a vehicle of God’s healing and power. But again, maybe I’m just supposed to be a good husband, father, friend and son. And that's exactly what I'm going to do right now. I'm going to go upstairs, take out my guitar and sing worship music for my little girls as they go to sleep. Then my wife and I will pray together for wisdom on how to be good parents, how to be good stewards of what we have and how to be a blessing to those around us. So until next time my friends, thank you for listening and thank you for what you do for those around you.


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