Music Has No Limits with Christian Musician Lg3

Christian Music with No Limits with San Diego Christian Musician Lg3

I hope you are as excited to read this as I am to write it. I had a huge revelation the other day about what it means to be a Christian musician. Just the name itself is so incredibly powerful. For example, “Christian” means to be like Christ; to walk in His power, His peace and His truth. To have a connection to the Father’s infinite wisdom and eternal power. It means to have an anchor and a solid foundation upon which I can build my life. It is a belief system that offers hope and salvation; to not only myself, but to all those who call upon His name.

roots-powerful-christian-musicAnd obviously “musician” refers to someone who has the talent and ability to play and create music. However, it is more than that, much more than that. Musicians write music that define generations, determine culture and create moments and memories that last a life time. Songs can stay with us all day and sometimes all our lives. They make us smile, cry, sing, dance, take us on an unexpected stroll down memory lane. It can even be the vent our anger and frustration at times. Songs are an expression of who we are.

Music has no limits; borders or boundaries. It is timeless. It is limitless. It’s power is indescribable. So when you consider the combination of the two entities together: Christian: The power of Christ and Music: That which influences the world. I truly believe it is the most powerful and influential combination of any two things on the planet. I cannot remember who said it, I heard it from RZIM’s Just Thinking broadcast. But the quote was: “I do not care who writes a countries laws. I care who writes the music.”

Therefore it is very important to pay attention to what kind of music we are producing and listening to. And this is where I believe christian music stands alone and where being a Christian musician has a power and purpose that is unparalleled. There is no other musical genre that even comes close. For we bring the gospel message in and through our music. It is a message of strength, hope, sacrifice, healing, family, forgiveness and redemption. It is music that creates life and changes our culture for the better.

Most of the secular music I hear today is empty. It is selfish, arrogant, sad, or just downright vulgar. And quite honestly, I feel much of it is destructive to the listener and to the community at large. Many of our children’s lives are a result of a pop culture and music that promotes everything but the righteousness of God. And the catastrophic results are evident.

But before I go any further, I must warn you. I am going to make some very bold statements and claims that could seem heretical to some and downright absurd to others.

To start with, I believe that this essay or at least the epiphany behind it, was a true revelation from God. When Brandyn Garske from Nine0Media in San Diego, asked me to blog about being a Christian musician, I was right in the process of writing my new song: How My Supposed to Pray Like That? It is a song about praying in faith. Erasing the second guessing behind our prayers. How when we pray we always wonder if it will happen. If God will answer. One of the lines is “how my supposed to pray like that? When I don't know where the answers at. I never know what You gonna do; the where, what, when, why or the who. I’ve prayed for things I did not see. I know it’s had its effect on me.”

The point is: I know there are literally billions of people who feel this way. I am hoping that I will be a prophetic voice of my time. Or at least I will be the vehicle that leads a prayer and worship that changes the world on a global level. That this song will directly affect the prayer life and faith of those who sing it. It is more than just a simple song. It is a cry out from the heart to our Creator. In the hopes that our prayers will be more effective in bringing His kingdom and therefore, giving Satan no place or control over the earth or its people.

The music will create a oneness that will draw the anointing of God. I don’t believe secular music can do this. I don’t even think they would truly understand what I am even talking about.

Lguapogreengo-Christian-Music-San-DiegoNow on to my next point: That being a Christian musician has the benefit of the best sponsor/ financial backer/ producer/ whatever you want to call it, in the entire universe. I believe with all my heart that those who are obedient to His word; that those who pray and sing IN LINE WITH GOD’S WILL have the power of the Holy Spirit behind them. That they become endowed with all spiritual gifts/earthly blessings and are truly the instruments that the almighty Creator uses to accomplish His will here on the earth.

I believe and rest in the fact that there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can stop the will of God. It has been proven throughout time. And when I say: I believe this music will go bigger than Elvis. I mean it! I said it in an earlier essay, and I still stand by it: I believe this music is anointed by God. It is infused with His word and His power and will create waves of living water that will cleanse his beloved people.

Switching gears and relating to you on a personal note; me, being a Christian musician means that I do not have to base my success on how well my music is doing, how much money I am making or what the critics have to say about it. I get my worth from knowing not who I am but whose I am. I am a child of God. Made in his image. I am the righteousness of God only through the baptism of the Holy Sprit and the precious blood of Jesus Christ. I truly believe what the word has to say about me. I am His craftsmanship, made for a purpose, to walk in the good works set out before me.

Whether it be in my home town of San Diego, California or around the globe; I rest in the fact that I am a child of God, an heir to the Kingdom, with all of its spiritual gifts and blessings. And most importantly in my case: I am recipient of His grace and His forgiveness. I am forgiven for all I have done and ever will do. Try that in the secular world. They are actively searching for people to devour.

In addition to these, there are further benefits of being a Christian musician and not just any ordinary musician. I never have to look for inspiration or material to write about. The word says to praise Him at all times. There are so many reasons to worship the Father. From my family, to my children, my friends; let alone the majesty. He has has written in the skies, the animal kingdom, throughout the earth and the oceans.

Furthermore, my job as a soldier is to help bring the kingdom. I need to write music that will create peace. Spread love (a Godly love) and make disciples. There is literally no shortage of inspiration. I was promised the Holy Spirit once I accepted Christ as my Savior. He will guide me into all truth and inspire me. We that are in Christ are literally blessed with a helper.

This has been so beyond evident to me, for when I look at has some of the music, the projects and how the people came together, it obvious that the supernatural is involved.

I love my music. Not just because it comes from my heart and expresses everything that I am and all that I want to see happen in the earth. But I believe it has true purpose. I don’t mind working for it. Or giving away cd’s. Playing free shows, spending countless hours writing music and creating media. I cry out to God that the people will be blessed by my music. That it will change lives for the better. Money and accolades are not the goal of Lg3. I say this to you before God! The purpose of the music is to be obedient to my heavenly Father. To love people and to be his voice on this planet. (to the best of my ability)

An exemplar of this is one of my latest and favorite songs I just wrote. It’s called “God don’t like it and I don’t either.” I got the hook from an old song by Reverend Dan Smith. It is basically a song that rebukes those that abuse Christianity to make money, gain power or some weird sex thing, It rebukes Christians who judge and criticize and it basically sets a huge stratification between the walls and chains of religion and the truth, power and freedom that comes with a true relationship with Christ. Again the word says we have been reconciled to God and that we have been given a ministry of reconciliation. My music is aligned to God’s word and to His power. Therefore it can not fail.

I cannot tell you how many people I know that said they have left the church or won’t listen to the Gospel message because of the way priests or pastors have abused their power or position. Or because of the way “christians” have judged and spoken out against certain people or behaviors. Some even told me that Christians have condemned them to hell. It’s painful to listen to stories like that. Especially, when I know what the Word really says.

This song is example of what God wants us to do! We are to love each other, judge ourselves correctly and forgive! As a matter of fact, the ending chorus of the song says “God would like it and I would too, if people would live the word in love and truth.”

However, this is not always easy. I live in San Diego California, one of the most beautiful, party filled cities in the world. It is a city with a divisive spirit. Even the name says “America’s finest city”. It is very materialistic and self-centered. “It’s all good” gets said more times than I care to count. The gospel message for many communities is not welcomed…Yet, I say “yet” because I do not believe that the message has been truly undergirded with the love of God.

And I pray with every ounce of my being that my music will be a voice like the prophets of old. Take Jonah for example. He ran from God (I did too) then after 3 days in the darkness (I lived many years in darkness) he repented and preached a message that saved an entire city. This is what I believe Lg3 has been put on this earth to do.

Don’t get me wrong! I don’t think that I can save anybody; let alone cities or countries. But I do believe that the music will inspire people to take a second look at the gospel. I just want to bring people to the point where they are honestly willing to ask God to enter their life. To ask Jesus to reveal Himself to them and manifest in their lives.

christian-music-in-san-diegoSo in summary, being a Christian musician from San Diego makes me one of the luckiest, most driven and satisfied people in the business. I believe in the name of Christ. Therefore, I am entitled to all of the promises and covenants that the Lord has set out for me in His word. So, If that is the case, which it is, then we should all buckle up and watch what the Lord is going to do through Lguapogreengo and His ministry. (and of coarse that includes all the talented people behind the scenes).

Please pray for the music! That it continue to be genuine. That it may bring peace, hope and strength to the hearer. But most importantly that it may lead the the listeners into a deeper relationship to/with Jesus Christ. Not one based upon religion, rules and restrictions. Just an honest revelation of who Christ is. That people may truly get an understanding of how to hear from God and how to walk in his love and forgiveness.

I hope this essay was not to long and I hope it didn’t sound like I was preaching at anybody. This is just my heart and why I do what I do. Until next time my friends.

Stay encouraged, read the Bible with an open heart and go help somebody in need.

Lg3 (Lguapogreengo)

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