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lg3-logoLguapogreengo has played many open mics, clubs and literally thousand’s of parties for over twenty years. Has spent his whole life playing music for people in the streets and the beaches. He has been called “the modern day mariachi”. In addition to this, he has played traditional classical and flamenco pieces in churches, at weddings, some funerals and many restaurants. However, over the last decade Lguapogreengo has infused what he has learned to create his own genre of music. It is a cross of literally all genres put together. HE DOES NOT AND WILL NOT PLAY COVERS!!!

Lguapogreengo is a style that can be compared to no-one or nothing else (as is evident in the video section of the website).

If you’re looking for some unique, Roots Powerful Music with a little comedy in between songs. Lguapogreengo is happy to provide that service. He can plug into your system or can arrive with a very basic amp and mic set up.

(He recommends you download some tracks from CD Baby to get an idea of the music before you contact)
Rate: $1.00 a minute Thank you in advance, Lguapogreengo


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