Know Your Purpose

Life Quotes by Lguapogreengo

  • God buries the worker but work must go on
  • Overcome fear with actions
  • Life comes with more experiences than
  • instructions (Except Gods word)

  • Simplicity lead to application
  • People who do things make mistakes
  • Capacity grows by obedience and submission to
  • Don't answer from experience answer from the word
    of God
  • follow me as I follow Christ.
  • Every leader comes from a place of service
  • What you don't see is far more imp than what u
  • Create an environment God can work in
  • No person can ever be the "1" God is the one. He
    will never break your heart
  • Somebody gotta go down so you can come up?
    Wrong!!! Bless them. They are connected to
  • Always say what the Bible says about the situation
  • My hand is sanctified by my heart
  • Be sedulous
  • If ur the most imp person in a relationship... You
    don't need to be in one, you're in love with
  • Know your purpose

Quote Credit: Ralph E. Buchanan

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