Reason and Logic

Life Quotes by Lguapogreengo

  • God wants more for your life than you do!
  • Yes is easy commitment is not
  • Faith is not antithetical to reason
  • Some walls are not barriers
  • Illusion of comfort
  • Meet people where they are. Like God met us
    where we are
  • Stay in your lane
  • If u cant trust what u say... It will diminish ur
    strengths and capacity
  • Trust the God in you!
  • If u have breath u r highly favored with God
  • Free people from themselves
  • A dirty window can not let the light come through
  • A dirty mirror can not show u hu u really r
  • Sow seeds that u want to harvest!
  • Success= obedience to God!

Quote Credit: Ralph E. Buchanan

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