A Dog Called Noni

A Dog Called “Noni”

Written by Lguapogreengo @ 2010

Recorded by Lguapogreengo May 3, 2018

Imperial Beach, San Diego, Ca

This song is about a lot more than a dog. This song is about the treatment of women. Actually it's about both. I rescued my Rottweiler who was the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. Yet she was beaten severely when she was young. I took her in. Healed her heart and she loved me for the rest of her life.

But as I started writing the song, I realized that the very same thing happens to millions of women around the world (especially the young beautiful ones). Their wined and they’re are dined. “Playtime all the time treats and a bone”. They are promised the world. But when the novelty wears off, after they’ve given themselves away, they are neglected and rejected. Many times they are abused along the way. Let alone many are left to raise a family on their own.They are hurt and hardened and the world calls them “bitches".

Yet, the song is not just a commentary. It offers a solution and healing. If we judge not, lest we be judge. And treat others as we want to be treated - Luke 6:31. There is healing and reconciliation.

Simply put, we have NO IDEA WHAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THROUGH that has made them so hard. We should love them, take them into our hearts and heal them. “If we love only those who love us, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do the same” - Luke 6:33

Let us be the Good Samaritans. Let us pick up those that have fallen. Those that have been beaten. "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God"- Mathew 5:9

Thanks for listening, Lguapogreengo