My Head

I had a dream I was in a tall building! when the earth, it started to shake
I smiled as I thought of my death. I always wondered what it would take.

The next thing I knew it was black, straight black. No up, no down, no left, no right, just the darkest of dark, way worse than any darkest of night.

I knew I was falling, but could never hit bottom. I was more afraid of the fact that I had been forgotten.

I called, I screamed, I kicked and I cried, but the only thing that came was the reality that I had just died

But I knew this would come when I was alive- I just tried not to give it much thought. For when I did think of death- I didn’t like the feelings that it brought.

Well, there I was, scared and all alone, but the weirdest thing was, there was no skin and no bone.! Just the blackest of black, yet not even air. No way to describe it, just nothingness there.

So I called out to Charles Darwin, but heard no one’s voice. Only thought to myself: I’ll bet he would change his theory now, if he only had the choice. For in all this darkness there ain’t nothing growing. Just blackness and screams that keep going and going.

So then I called out to Buda and his noble path. Could it be he? No! For his nirvana is simply an absence of me.

So then I cried out to Krishna, until enough was enough and I shuttered to think- my Karma wasn’t quite good enough.

So from there I thought about reincarnation. And realized it can’t be true if this is to be my destination

I thought of when I said that I was just spiritual, no need for religion, or a name or some sacred doctrine.
I tried to find the spirit but just continued to fall and continued to spin.

Then I thought of Mohammed, could it be he?
But it was his revelation in the Koran, that I couldn’t read.

But I screamed out his name, yet I did not hear.
I thought of his followers and was flooded with tears.

So I screamed in the darkness year after year.
And was only confronted with my world’s greatest fear.

It is this part of the dream that is quite hard to tell, for it here when I realized that I was living in hell.

If there was a god, I had not come to know him. For all those that I called on, they did not show him.

I kept screaming in darkness as the many years went by. Until I realized there was one name I had not yet tried.

There was no one left, absolutely nothing left to do. Except to call out, to the King of the Jews.

So I screamed out at the top of my lungs and from the very depths of my heart.
And I heard a strong, soft voice “this is a good place to start.”

I cried out again and again “Jesus, What do I do? I screamed “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, where are you?”

He said, “I’ve been waiting for you son, to clear up your head, of all the world’s nonsense that you have been fed.”

“It is only now, that you are sincere, that it is my voice that you can hear.
You’ve been saved my son. You don’t have to fear.”

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, year after year!”

So in the great darkness I saw the light. I opened my eyes and so ended the night.

The dream was over. But my path just begun. For I had just found: God’s only true Son

I am now a Christian and some of you tease us. But before you’re spinning in blackness please call on the name of Jesus.

One thing I learned in that damn scary night. Is that all those philosopher’s were in a sense right.

All false gods do lead to the same place: To an eternity of darkness, spinning through space.

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