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Lguapogreengo Explains Roots Music San Diego

I call my genre roots, powerful music because that is what I envision it to be and what I believe it is. Lguapogreengo’s music in San Diego has the sole purpose of bringing life to the hearers, just like the roots of a tree brings the essential life giving water to every branch, through every vein, of every leaf of the tree; regardless of how big or how small. For more in roots music San Diego or for booking and scheduling contact Lguapogreengo at

essence-of-musicThe essence of the music is to support the person listening, like roots support a tree. Whether they be at home, in their car, at their jobs, through their headphones or through the speakers, the purpose of the music is to give life to all those who listen. Whoever or wherever the people are, I pray with all my heart that my music will be able to reach them wherever they’re at. That this roots powerful music will heal their pain, give them hope. And at the very least, will let them feel and let them know that they are loved by Lguapogreengo in San Diego and around the world.

Before going any further I want to relate how the roots of a tree and Lguapogreengo are alike. The roots of a tree are underground. They are unseen yet they hold up the entire tree. They weather all storms, no matter how strong the winds or how strong the rains may be. They do not ask for praise nor do they change colors with the seasons. They do not wither and they do not fall away. They just simply do what is necessary to give and bring life. That is the purpose of Lguapogreengo’s music.

He does not want adoration or fame. He simply wants to change, support and edify. He speaks life and hope through his music. He feels and sees the storms of torment attacking the youth and the families around the globe and he wants to be source of hope, life and change. In short, it is not about Lguapogreengo but about the tree that he supports; which is you. Yes, you! The person reading this and hopefully listening to and supporting the music.

Many hear the word “roots” and immediately think of reggae music. When they click on my site/music and they take a listen, I am confident people will feel the same roots, head bobbing, positive vibe that they are looking for. After listening to just one song, any song, they will recognize the undeniable positive vibration, the get up, stand up, fight for what is right and most important: The “praise Jah” mentality that very much envelops reggae music.

Why My Music is Labeled Christian music San Diego

Lguapogreengo-Christian-Music-San-DiegoI myself, Lguapogreengo; the author of this essay, the composer and creator of the music and media have been humbled in many ways, many times of my life. I truly have had near death experiences that have made me realize that I am only here by the grace of God. That it is He and He alone that gives me the breath of air in my lungs and the energy that sustains my heart beating.

I believe in Johova Rafa: the God who heals. I believe, praise and worship Jahova Gira: the God who provides. I truly believe in the God of the Bible and I believe in His son who said He was the living water. That He was the visible attributes of the living God on this earth: Forgiveness, healing, hope, love and power.

It is through the Name of Jesus Christ that I draw my water, my strength and my power. I will try to live the forgiveness and spread love to all who hear and support my music. I am not here, nor will I ever be, someone who forces Christianity upon others. I simply want to praise and worship the God I believe in and will love those that he created in His image for the purpose of good works. So to all who have read this. I sincerely thank you for your time and if you like the music/message; share it with somebody. Then please ask them to do the same. May peace and grace be multiplied to you greatly. If you would like more information on roots music or Christian music in San Diego, contact Lguapogreengo at

Lguapogreengo: Adios

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