Top Christian Music

Top Christian Music

Are you interested in listening to the top Christian music of today? We invite you to check out Lguapogreengo for the hottest new sounds in Christian music. You've heard the rest- now listen to what the Christian music industry describes as the very best. Lguapogreengo's haunting lyrics and soulful sounds will shake you to the core.

Lguapogreengo is a singer, songwriter, music recording pro, film producer and photographer, combining his art and skills to bring you the most sensational sounds you'll return to over and over. Book Lguapogreengo for your next event to guarantee a memorable occasion that will provide Roots Powerful Music that will stay with you long after the event has ended. You'll find Lguapogreengo to be extremely accommodating for your occasion, able to use your system or bring along his own amp and mic.

Before you book Lguapogreengo, take a few moments to listen to his unique and raw style of music. Simply download a few tracks from his CD Baby located on the ‘Purchase Music' link of his home page. From there, you'll see why he is known throughout San Diego and beyond as a top Christian music performer. Lguapogreengo's classical technique combined with flamenco patterns create a very different sound- one you're unlikely to hear on your local Christian radio station. It's a sound that will draw you in and set you free from the first note.

Wind and Seas Blues is a captivating song you can download and make your own from the website. Lguapogreengo considered this one of the most powerful songs he has ever written- we're inclined to agree. The acoustic electric blues melody combined with Lguapogreengo's voice can only be described as emotionally moving.

How Do I Serve You is traditionally inspiring in a worshipful sense, yet has the ability to take you higher than any worship music you have listened to in the past. If you love Christian music but are growing tired of the same sounds and the same songs and lyrics being done and overdone by the popular industry, we invite you to see for yourself why San Diego calls Lguapogreengo the top Christian music talent performing in the area. His original music and lyrics are unlike anything you have heard before.

Experience God Would Like and I Would Too, an acoustical blues masterpiece about relationship that will have you out of your seat and on your feet in a matter of a few seconds. Feel free to spend some time on Lguapogreengo's ‘Videos' page and experience a performance of sight and sound that will leave you awestruck by his dedication to sharing the Gospel with his audience. Lguapogreengo is not just another musician singing about God- here you have a prime example of a Christian ministry through music.

It's so rare to find music of this caliber today, with the music industry polluting the air with the destructive noise they successfully sell to our youth day after day. Take a break from the ordinary and discover something truly extraordinary- on